It looks like the owners of the house we rent are probably selling, which means that Will and I are moving.

We’re on a month-to-month, so there’s nothing gained by digging our heels in and staying. The weird thing is that in the last few weeks, I’ve been thinking about moving. Like, a lot. I love this house but when I’m not working, I freak out about paying for this house. Not to get into our finances (nobody’s business) but every time I get a gig we start planning for me NOT to have a gig, so we could stay as long as they’d have us. We’ve always been good at living below our means (I know, how UnAmerican) and now that we live at our means, well, I miss it.

But in the last few months, there’s been a shift. Between work and school, Will is beat from the commute, which takes him an hour each way. And for me, well, I don’t care about STUFF. I want fewer clothes. Less crap. I’ve stopped buying boots and heels and I find myself purchasing sneakers and looking and trips I want us to take and thinking about a new Oly Lifting class I want to take at Cave Crossfit. (You guys I love Crossfit and specifically Cave Crossfit and I don’t care where we move I am staying at Cave and yes I’ve become one of THOSE CROSSFIT PEOPLE but you take a class with Zee or Nikki or Brian and then you tell how I CAN’T be one of those people.)

So while we’re looking at the places we normally look (WeHo, Hollywood) we’re also looking at…Santa Monica. Mar Vista. Culver City. THE SOUTH BAY. Places I have never lived in my ::mumble mumble:: years of living in Los Angeles. It’s time to pare down. It’s time to try something different. It’s time for Will to have a commute that doesn’t take years off of his life.

One of the things that I love most about working as a writer is that you are constantly teetering at the edge. Your entire life is spent working without a net. There are many days it’s terrifying, like yesterday when I got the email from the property manager. But once Will and I got over the shock, we had that moment of oh yeah we can do whatever we want to do.

We may end up in a familiar neighborhood. Or we may not. But I’m so looking forward to getting rid of STUFF and having a little more breathing room. After Daisy, Will and a pink Mini Cooper, what else do I need?

It’s time to jump.

Note: I will also be going through my dress closet, which I know has scores of size medium (6-8, but they stretch) Stop Staring! dresses that have been either worn once or are NWOT. I’m thinking eBay or maybe if I like you you can just come over and take them off my hands.

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    I also have lived in Mar Vista and enjoyed my time there! Oh and Nina, I will SOOOOOOO come take some of those dresses...
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    I have lived in Mar Vista.
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    Okay first of all LA PARTY PEOPLES, please help my friends out with any leads you have because they are amazing people...
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    Mar Vista, FTW!
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    As Nina has already told you, we are getting ready to move. Like my wife I am looking to simplify and take less stuff...
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